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Frequently Asked Questions

My partner doesn't like taking photos.  Is that okay?  
Yes!  I shoot fast, and keep the posing natural and easy.

Do you meet couples before booking?
It's not required, but if you have the time, let's set up a coffee date to put your mind at ease knowing I'm a real person behind the screen.

Do you Photoshop images?
While I do not use Photoshop to alter appearances, I will remove any major blemishes that pop up on your big day.

Do we receive RAW images?
No.  You won't be able to download the RAW image format anyway.  Plus, you love the work and final edits you see here, so that is the type of final JPG images you'll receive.

Have you ever shot at our venue?
Maybe, but it honestly doesn't matter.  I show up early to scout locations and lighting.  I will do a good job no matter the venue.

What if we don't want our images shared on your website?
The website is a major marketing tool to highlight my best work and attract new potential clients, but if your privacy is important, there's a small fee to keep them off the website and social media.

We want to book with you.  What's the next step?
Let's start a conversation.  Fill out the contact form or shoot me an email.  If you'd like to book with me, I will send you a personalized contract to review, fill out, and sign.  Half of the cost of your package is due at signing to retain your date.